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Updated: 2020-11-20 13:43 [GMT+9]

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Being held at Suwon ‘Art Space Bom’ until the 3rd of next month

Able Art, an alternative art community for people with disabilities, will host a group exhibition called, ‘All Possible Time, ABLE TIME’ by eight young artists with developmental disabilities at Suwon ‘Art Space Bom’ on the 3rd of next month.

This exhibition is an exhibition designed to capture disabled artists daily lives in their works. They present their time by letting them think and choose for themselves in a variety of subjects.

Eight artists, including Noh, Heon-jun / Park, Tae-hyun / Oh, Young-beom / Lee, Chan-gyu / Lee, Chan-young / Jo, Min-seo / Choi, Hoe-seung / Han, Dae-hoon participated in this exhibition.

They are more honest than anyone else in their artistic creations, are extremely personal, free from any disturbances, or face issue while creating new relationships with someone.

In the exhibition, you can appreciate the representative’s works of paintings and ceramics made this year, and also see art products designed as works.

An Able Art official said, “I hope that through this opportunity I get to hear the honest stories of their lives as artists with developmental disabilities and meet them up close, since they can feel as if they are traveling in a friendly, warm, and pure unknown world.”

This exhibition can also be viewed in VR online through Able Art Center’s official SNS channel and homepage.

English translation by Achuina Pamei