Virtual Reality behind the design

VEHINDESIGN is a 3D virtual exhibition studio for people who want to display their artworks, photographs, or videos online. Our virtual exhibition is available on any platform such as Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs without the requirement of installing with any other programs. Also, it can be shared easily with your family and friends with links through social media, text messages, or any other kinds of messenger App. The gyroscope sensor and VR mode on your smartphone can provide you with a unique experience.

Let's open your online 3D VR Exhibition

3D VR Exhibition” where anyone can create their own exhibition space online, promote and sell their work. You can easily share it with just one link, even in VR mode without installing any program.

One of the many reasons we use VR technology is to enable things that are difficult to experience in reality. Even if it is not absolutely impossible, there are things that we are hesitant because there are financial limitations and time constrains.  One of them is holding a private exhibition.

If you’re going to hold an exhibition once, you’ll have to pay a huge fee and rent the venue, and due to limited time and accessibility, it can be difficult to achieve things as expected. Nevertheless, anyone who has given their best effort in exhibiting their precious memories would have wanted to share it with everyone and get it done at any cost.


virtual space designer // CEO

Ki han Kim

In a conversation with art school students who were about to graduate, I listened to their concerns. In order to graduate, they have to hold a graduation exhibition, but it is said to be expensive. It is led by departments and it covers several costs such as rental fees, public relations expenses, print publications and students feel obligated to participate. However, the number of people visiting these exhibitions is limited, and it also seems; it is not easy to effectively communicate their work to the public or sell their future works. Above all, the problem lied in the lack of opportunities to show the work by itself.

The solution, I thought for such a problem was 3D Exhibition. Create the work as an image file by photographing, place the work in our 3D virtual exhibition space modeled by us, edit it for VR tour, insert the work with an artist introduction page, along with personal social media of the artist then add a function to connect it to the homepage so that the artist can directly sell their work. This 3D Exhibition can be easily shared with one link via a messenger app, text message, etc., and has the convenience of compatibility with VR mode without installing a separate program.


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