By Heo, Eui-won (, Metro News

Updated: 2020-12-20 14:42:35 [GMT+9]

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The Busan Women’s Center announced that it will hold an online exhibition entitled ‘Our Daily Life’ for 2020 students from the 21st to the 31st of this month.

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Busan Women’s Center decided to convert this exhibition which was usually held offline at the Women’s Center every year to a non-face-to-face one, hence proceeding to making it an online exhibition using 3D virtual reality. Thus visitors can easily enjoy the works anytime, anywhere by accessing the online exhibition link at the Women’s Center website through their smartphones or PCs.

The exhibited works were produced by students of 10 courses, including Hanbok, Hanji Craft, Kyubang Craft, Calligraphy, and Cloth Making. All exhibits in display were hand crafted by the students, such as Jeog-ui, Female Hanbok, Children’s Hanbok (Hanbok Course), and a three-story farm house and along with a dresser (Hanji craft) which have a score of 80 or so. In addition, two works by instructor Jeong, Gye-hwa, a master of Korean paper crafts in Busan, are also on display.

Particularly, in display are 23 pieces of Gyubang crafts which are works that have won excellent awards at the Peace Arts Festival and the Korea Art Competition, craft which was awarded winner at the 2020 Peace Arts Festival (Seoul Mayor Award) represented by ‘Flower Wall’ by Hwang, Jin-sil, and ‘Companion’ by Jung, Kyung-jin, the winner of the 2020 Korea Art Competition (Seoul Mayor’s Award).

English translation by Achuina Pamei