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Participation of 12 countries, including 8 member countries of the International Comics Artists’ Competition. With the support of the ICC member states, 129 works were exhibited. A unique online exhibition space built with the Olympic Stadium concept.

The Secretariat (Chairman Shin Jong-Cheol) of the International Comics Artists Conference (ICC), is holding an exhibition called ‘ICC Online Exchange Exhibition: To Overcome Corona’ which opened on September 30th, to support medical professionals around the world who are working hard to prevent COVID-19.

This exhibition was organized by the Korea Comics Promotion Agency (Director Shin Jong-Cheol), who has the status of the ICC Secretariat. It was planned with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Eight ICC member countries (Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore) and four non-member countries (Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam) participated and presented a total of 129 cartoon works.

The 19th International Comics Artists Convention, which was scheduled to be held offline in Langfang, China in the fall of 2020, was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the decision to postpone it again this year was unavoidable. The ICC Standing Committee planned the ICC Online Exchange Exhibition in the form of an online exhibition after considering ways to continue exchanges between member countries.

The exhibition hall was implemented with a horizontal design in which all 12 participating countries were placed equally on the same plane based on the main concept of ‘Olympic Stadium’, as a venue for multi-national exchanges and harmony with the support of the ICC member countries. Fully utilizing the characteristics of a virtual environment (overscale and unrealistic spatiality experience) provides a sense of immersion and refinement. Furthermore, the implementation of being able to teleport from the main stadium to a different space for each country has added to the interest of the virtual experience.

First of all, in the main space calmly created in toned-down white, green, and blue colors, a globe with wings of support and a ‘Caduceus’ staff are placed as a symbol of harmony and medicine. Next, within the elegant and fantastic atmosphere of the Milky Way, congratulatory videos by the representatives of each committee flow out with the message of global unity to overcoming Corona 19, which was directed to be delivered more intensely. Between the globe in the sky and the Caduceus staff, a message box is also provided so that visitors can directly write and send messages of support to the medical professionals around the world.

Lastly, each indoor exhibition space which is entered by teleporting from the main stadium has been configured differently for each of the 12 countries, by region. The indoor exhibition space shown after the introduction video produced by the combination of country-region works, adds fun and sophistication through the design and interior elements which takes into account each county’s atmosphere and characteristics. Comparing the experiences of the differentiated spaces of each national pavilion such as the Korean pavilion using traditional Hanok, the Japanese pavilion using tatami (woven-straw) flooring, and the Chinese pavilion using traditional Chinese wallpaper is also another attraction.

This exhibition of 129 works from 12 countries and regions by participating cartoonists from various nationalities, ages, and backgrounds is a great opportunity for comics fans and aspiring cartoonists to enjoy comics from different countries at the same time. Within the indoor exhibition hall, you can enlarge and view each work, in addition to checking the artist profile and work information on a separate page.

Shin Jong-Cheol, the ICC Secretariat and director of the Korea Comics Association, who prepared this exhibition, said, “Through this exhibition, I felt the unity of each member-region, including the ICC Standing Committee, again. I hope that the exhibition will be a time of relief and comfort for a little while, and the ICC Secretariat will continue to faithfully play its role as a mediator for exchanges and cooperation among cartoonists around the world.”

Writer Il-Sook Shin, the chairman of the ICC Korean Committee, also said, “It seems that we are all getting a little bit tired as the corona pandemic continues for a long time. In particular, the hard work of medical personnel who are working hard for us in many ways is indescribable. About 20 Korean artists participated in this exhibition as a way to encourage them. I hope that you take your time will be comforted while looking around.”

This exhibition can be viewed through accessing the website, and the exhibition period will remain open until December 31st.

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