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Updated: 2021-02-18 13:45 [GMT+9]

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The Know-how of implant masters is pouring in!

There will be an opportunity to learn clinical know-how and tips from big-name implant masters.

The Korean Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology (Chairman Jang, Myung-jin, herein referred to as KAOMI) will hold the “28th KAOMI General Conference iAO 2021 (Organization Chairperson Hwang, Jae-Hong)” online from the 7th to the 13th of next month.  In particular, this conference is drawing more attention as it is setting a new record for the KAOMI Spring conference, with more than 3,000 early registrants alone.

This conference, with the theme of “Standing on giants, standing on the shoulders of giants,” offers practical lectures that can be applied immediately to clinical practice as well as sharing knowledge related to implants. At a press conference which was held on the 15th, KAOMI explained, “This main topic is a phrase from Greek mythology, meaning that we will deliver long-standing experience and clinical knowledge of top-notch implant masters at home and abroad so that they can apply to practical medical treatment.”

There are a total of 22 giant-level speakers in each field, including oral surgery, prosthetics, and dentistry. Prof.  Huh, Seong-Ju, Prof. Park, Ji-won, and Prof. Lee, Jong-ho will deal with △Implant treatment for patients and dentists-based on long-term results and experiences △Implant surgery assistive technology: navigation, robots, etc.

In addition, sessions for ethics and infection management, oral speech, excellent members, and dental hygienist, which are essential subjects for dentist’s refresher education, have also been prepared.

Also, in addition to the academic conferences, the online dental equipment exhibition “KAOMI MALL” is also preparing to view the company’s booths and products at a glance through a 3D stereoscopic screen.

In particular, it is possible to feel as if the offline exhibition has been moved intact by arranging a wealth of giveaway events and lectures by the company. Currently, 30 companies have applied for booths.

Chairman Jang, Myeong-jin said, “It is true that we had various concerns ahead of the conference in a situation where all activities could not be carried out smoothly due to COVID-19.” “Till date, the spring conference usually concluded with 1,300~1,400 participants, however, this conference already has a registration of more than twice of that. Thank you for your interest and participation, and I will do my best for the rest of the preparation period.”

Chairman of the organizing committee Hwang, Jae-hong said, “We will be able to convey the know-how and tips of implant masters in the areas of periodontal surgery, oral surgery, and prosthetics so that they can be of practical help to members,” he also added that “It is an academic conference where not only dentists but also dental hygienists can participate. We look forward to your interest and participation,” he said.

The pre-registration for the academic conference will be held until the 5th of the next month. Members, non-members, major medical doctors, public health surgeons, military doctors, and dental staff are all the same registration fee of 20,000 won. After that, until the 12th of next month, you can register for 30,000 won, however, students can register free. Participants can receive a total of 4 points, including 2 points for the required refresher education for dentists.

[English translation by Achuina Pamei]