By Jeong, Da-Jun (, Cheonji-il-bo
Updated: 2020-11-17 at 19:24 pm (GMT+9)
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Ministry of Science and ICT POST OFFICE (Director: Park, Jong-Seok) announced that it will hold the ‘2020 Korea Online Philatelic Exhibition’ at the online exhibition hall from the 18th of this month to the 24th of next month.

This Philatelic Exhibition is the first Philatelic Exhibition to be held online to prevent the spread of Novel Corona 19 virus. With the theme of “2020 Korea’s Hope “put on Postage Stamps, the exhibition consists of ▲ Philatelic Works Exhibition Hall (Hall of Fame, Best Works Exhibition Hall) ▲ Special Exhibition Hall (Corona 19 Overcoming Digital New Deal) and ▲ Event Hall.
In the online exhibition hall, an exhibition hall that uses virtual reality (VR) will be operated so that visitors can view it regardless of time and place. In the Hall of Fame at the Philatelic Exhibition Hall, “The Footsteps of the voyage (Gwang-ju Friendship Society’s Nam, Sang-cheol),” who won the Prime Minister’s Award, the highest honor at the Philatelic Exhibition, will be exhibited.

The special exhibition hall is being organized on the theme of overcoming Corona 19 and the Digital New Deal. In order to overcome Corona 19, messages of appreciation and hope from citizens from across the country and interview videos will be displayed. The Digital New Deal has been introduced with picture postcards and videos so that visitors can easily understand and experience it.

At the event hall, there is also a “Room Postage Stamp Contest,” which introduces memories related to stamps, and also public votes will be collected to select the material for “Beautiful Lake” and “Beautiful Coastal Road,” which are postage stamps scheduled to be released in 2021.
There are also plenty of prizes to be won for various events, including autographs by stamp designers, first-day envelopes, and personalized stamps.

Park, Jong-Seok (head of POST OFFICE) said, “I wish that the 2020 Korea Online Philatelic Exhibition can be a venue for a festival where everyone can talk about the hopes of the people of The Republic of Korea for the people who are suffering from the novel Corona 19.”

English translation by Achuina Pamei