By Kwon, Seung-Joo, Fashion N
Updated: 2021-06-03
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The witty encounter of Art and Suede, the introduction of PUMA Suede through surrealist works.

Global sports brand PUMA opens the VR gallery ‘THE CHAMBER’ exhibition in collaboration with ATMOS Seoul.

The exhibition will be held from June 4th to June 21st under the theme ‘For All Time’, and through the exhibition, it has attempted to capture the long heritage and modern sensibility of suede representing PUMA.

With a non-face-to-face exhibition tailored to untact trends, the company plans to target the MZ generation, which prefers different contents and values personal experiences.

In the exhibition, you can appreciate PUMA suede, which has been loved for a long time not only in fashion but also in dance and black music, through various works.

A witty encounter between art and suede, as well as works expressing surrealism, colorful graffiti painted on the floor and walls of the exhibition hall, adding to the fun of viewing.

Meanwhile, “PUMA” will be releasing a limited edition of ‘Suede Vintage Staple Atmos’ and ‘Suede Vintage MIJ Skajan’ which were popular at Atmos on June 9th.

[English translation by Achuina Pamei]