By Won-hyuk Choi (, The Herald Economy
Updated: 2020-11-06 at 10:56 am (GMT+9)
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ㅣFrom the 9th… 42 booths per 5 topics

‘2020 Seongbuk Online Career Expo’, virtual space with 42 booths for each theme/topic.

Seoul’s Seongbuk-gu (Head of Seongbuk-gu ward Mr. Lee Seung-ro) announced on the 6th that it will hold the “2020 Seongbuk Online Career Expo” for two weeks i.e.; from the 9th to the 20th of this month.

The Seongbuk Career Expo was held offline every year, but this year, with the prolonged existence of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID 19), teenagers can explore various career paths and majors in a virtual space.

With the theme of ‘Finding a career in the corner of the room,’ this online expo will organize and operate 42 booths in 3D virtual space, including five themes: ▷career experience zone ▷major exploration zone ▷job understanding zone ▷future exploration zone ▷mentoring.

This fair, which is being held through the prior application, will be attended by 5,000 students from 14 middle and high schools in Seongbuk-gu. The opening ceremony of this fair will be broadcasted live on the YouTube channel “Seongbuk Youth Future Support Center” at 10:00 am on the 9th of November 2020.

Meanwhile, Seongbuk-gu is also planning to hold a “Youth Creator Contest” during this expo to provide an opportunity for teenagers to become creators directly through a video contest expressing their future dreams and aspirations.

Mr. Lee Seung-ro, head of Seongbuk-gu ward, said in a video greeting, “I hope that through this fair, teenagers will have a beneficial experience in finding their own path by crossing the boundaries between online and offline.”

Students who wish to participate individually in the fair can apply through the website’s homepage, and for the ‘youth creator contest’ students can participate in it through the application site.
For more information, please contact the Seongbuk-gu Office Youth Future Support Center.

English translation by Achuina Pamei