By Lee, Mi-gee, Chosunilbo
Updated: 2021-05-12 11:20 [GMT+9](Original article:

Hyundai Department Store Pangyo Branch will open “VR Pangyo Land,” a VR department store that applies virtual reality (VR) technology, on the 14th. It is a virtual department store that applies VR technology so that users can browse the store through their mobile phones without having to visit the department store in person.

If you access the VR Pangyo Land through Hyundai Department Store, i.e., The application (app) and the Hyundai Department Store Pangyo branch’s official Instagram account, you can tour 11 floors from the 1st basement floor to the 10th floor of the Pangyo branch in 360 degrees. If you touch the screen with your finger, you can move around the department store as if you were walking in a store. If you touch the airship-shaped icon, you can also see information about events held at the department store.

14 stores, including Balmang, Off-White, Alexander McQueen, and Army, have separate ‘VR Showrooms’ where you can browse products in detail. You can go inside the store, browse the products, and you can also measure the size of the product by tapping on the shape icon. If you have any questions, you can always ask the store staff directly through KakaoTalk, and you can click the displayed product to purchase it at ‘The’.

Hyundai Department Store’s Pangyo branch also operates a photo zone that introduces augmented reality (AR) technology. When you scan the AR photo zone information sign installed in the Sky Garden and Culture Hall on the 10th floor of the Pangyo Branch with a mobile phone camera, virtual reality is superimposed on the screen. In the Sky Garden, amusement equipment such as a hot air balloon and a Ferris wheel float in the sky, and a flower garden spreads out on the floor of the Culture Hall.

The VR department store and AR photo zone of Hyundai Department Store’s Pangyo branch will be operated until the 30th. An official at Hyundai Department Store said, “We prepared a customer experience service in the hope that customers can enjoy online and offline, and consider department stores as a friendly place to enjoy them anytime, anywhere.”

[English translation by Achuina Pamei]