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With the theme “Identity of Educational Technology,” online exhibitions are being held in line with the era of untact.

On August 28th (Friday) and 29th (Saturday) 2020, the 54th Educational Technology Exhibition (ET) was held at the ‘ECC Daesan Gallery’.

The ‘ET Exhibition’, which is celebrating its 54th anniversary this year, is an academic event in which undergraduate students of the Department of Educational Technology team up to design and develop educational programs on various topics or display the results of related research and are gradually establishing itself. This year, in order to comply with the guidelines of social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we implemented a pre-reservation system to minimize the number of simultaneous viewers, and successfully made every effort to prevent quarantine by making sure every safety/precaution measure was taken by conducting heat checks for visitors and disinfecting the exhibition hall every hour.

In the 54th ET exhibition, according to the slogan “Identity,” various works were prepared to give a glimpse of the student’s thoughts and concerns about the identity of educational technology. It is composed of works showing original and creative ideas in LID (Learning & Instruction Design), RND (Research & Development), and HRD (Human Resource Development) classes centering on the Department of Educational Technology track.

During the exhibition prizes for excellent works were awarded to each class through a screening process by a professor of the department, works from the LID class who presented a zero-waste practical education application for a sustainable sea named, “See Sea”, the RND class who made a disaster safety education named ‘Exit’ for middle school students, and the HRD class who presented a team work titled ‘Analysis of problems in the beverage ordering system of the living cooperative of the educational center in the school and a proposal to introduce a new system’ were selected as excellent works respectively.

In addition to this, CHALLENGE ZONE (Exhibits of educational technology undergraduates who have demonstrated their major competencies over the past year and challenges in various fields, such as domestic and international visit projects and off-campus projects/contest), MAKE & PLAY ZONE (a space to experience maker education and Edu Tech, a trend in educational technology), a zone of excellent subjects, and various works showing the identity of educational technology were exhibited.

This year, in line with the untact era created by COVID-19, an online VR exhibition that implemented an offline exhibition in virtual space was also held. The VR exhibition was organized with the support and sponsorship of Senior Art & Communication CEO Don-ah Lee (Educational Technology, student ‘86) who is acting as a multimedia artist. This exhibition is available online at for a month starting from August 28th (Friday) to September 28th (Monday).

English translation by Achuina Pamei