By Lee, Soo-yong, Weekly Today
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An exhibition of 33 works by Sunhwa Arts High School students on the theme of urban landscapes and animals brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Seoul Facilities Corporation announced on the 3rd that it will showcase an exhibition called ‘Co-Existence’ in an online space, where visitors can meet works that harmonized changed urban landscape and animals brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It can be enjoyed for free until the end of June on the website of Seoul Children’s Grand Park and the online exhibition hall.

The exhibition ‘Co-Existence’ contains the meaning of living with animals and emptying space for animals, and presents 33 works that contain imagination and wit in which the main character has been changed from a human-centered environment by wild animals such as deer, bear and sea lion due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These works can be enjoyed on a 3D virtual exhibition platform and can also be viewed on smartphones or computers.
A 3D virtual exhibition platform is a platform that allows you to receive the realism and feeling of visiting an actual exhibition hall, also allowing you to freely design and plan your work in a virtual space according to the situation and theme.

Moreover, it has the advantage that anyone can see and feel it without physical and time barriers in the current situation that requires social distancing or in the post-COVID 19 era.

In particular, if you use Google Cardboard, which is used for AR/VR learning and play at home, you can enjoy a lively view that reminds you of an actual exhibition hall.

In addition, you can write a guestbook wherein you can leave supportive comments or comments for the artist/author after the viewing.

The 33 pieces of art used in the exhibition were prepared over the past 5 months by 33 ‘Sunhwa Animal Keepers’, an animal protection club in the art department of Sunhwa Arts High School, and the Corporation has been holding exhibitions on these and animals every year since 2017.

It had been exhibiting offline in some spaces within the Seoul Children’s Grand Park, but since last year’s COVID-19 virus outbreak, it has been changing its direction to an online exhibition.

This year, the venue of the exhibition was re-arranged from the flat-panel exhibition to the second floor into a three-dimensional one, and the exhibition period was extended to one month.

In addition to the works currently being exhibited in this exhibition, various works that have been drawn in the past can also be viewed by clicking on the profile of the artists.

In particular, an animal sculpture point was placed in the lobby of the exhibition hall to emphasize the image of a zoo that can be enjoyed in the city center.

“Deer” is a watercolor painting depicting the reduced number of vehicles traveling on the road due to COVID-19 and the deer living on the road in a safer environment than before.

The “Sleeping Sea Lions” artwork, which depicts California sea lions taking naps and occupying parking lots and beaches that were used to be filled with people, also draws attention.

Inspired by the news that wild brown bears appeared in a national park in Spain last year for the first time in 150 years, ‘Brown Bear’ is a work that uses various materials such as recycled wire mesh and thread by layering them on acrylic plates to show how animals and humans can co-exist together naturally.

“We have prepared a 3D virtual space to meet witty and imaginative students and their works,” said Cho, Sung-il, Chairman of the Seoul Facilities Corporation. “We will continue to make efforts to showcase more diverse non-face-to-face contents in the COVID era.” He added.

[English translation by Achuina Pamei]