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“Exhibition on water? Exhibition on a desert? We invite you to an exhibition that is impossible in reality.”
Online exhibition platform LART, which introduces video and 3D modeling works in virtual space, is a hot topic in the exhibition ‘DDD-Data Destination Decalcomanie’. Three well-received writers in Korea and abroad, including writers like Ki-Jeong Koo, Kimberly Lee, and .PIC (Hyun-Soo Jeon, Sang-Ho No), will participate, and the exhibition will open from the 30th of July and run until the 1st of August.
When you enter the exhibition hall via LART’s airship, the works of the three artists are mixed. When entering an individual space from each modeling, the exhibition unfolds in a different way for each artist. All works in this exhibition were made with data. They ask questions about the purpose of those who paint the future in virtual reality and try to go beyond the imaginable realm based on the similarity with reality. All spaces can be viewed using a VR device, and in the case of mobile devices, you can move around the space directly.

In general, the beginning and the end of a book are connected narratively. The way of thinking, sparked by perspective and typography, led to the understanding of empty spaces of the spoken word as a narrative space. The method of arranging furniture as if creating space was difficult to understand before typography. This kind of thinking also influenced the human perspective of understanding space, making it possible to connect a space without a connection point to a story through a single reference point. Rather than through text, how do we view space now, living in the world of virtual reality beyond the screen?

Artist Ki-Jeong Koo explores the relationship between man-machine-nature through images expressed in the digital world. He tries to understand the augmented reality and realism similar to this by exploring the process of reproducing reality-based experiences in the digital world through visual storage devices, such as digital cameras, and producing them again as real information.

Kimberly Lee (Eun-Sol Lee) continues to explore the virtual economy and cryptocurrency through a virtual character named Kimberly Lee. The artist images the reasons for the existence of contemporary objects. Kimberly Lee is a 3D graphic creator who presents a character of the same name with nobody but only ahead. The name Kimberly Lee was taken from the experience of going unnoticed for about a year when someone hacked Eun-Sol Lee’s Instagram account in 2017 and changed her name to Kimberly. In this exhibition, the artist opens another virtual space connected to each other. In this space, as a member of Decentraland, it will unveil a series of projects that record the real estate market based on virtual economy and cryptocurrency on the blockchain.

.PIC (Hyun-Soo Jeon, Sang-Ho Noh) is a brand name and group name created by writers Hyun-Soo Jeon and Sang-Ho Noh. It is an abbreviation for Picture and contains the meaning of Pick, which means ‘Buy me’. .PIC is very interested in the way images are distributed, producing, distributing, and exhibiting 3D images, and mainly produces images and videos through the form of memes. It mainly observes and creates 3D images according to the situation. Advocating for an art directing and consulting company, they conduct video directing and VFX for fashion/music videos. In this exhibition, the perspective of the characters in the video is constantly changing, and the viewer becomes either the main character or a third person in the video.

LART is an art integration platform that allows visitors to experience exhibitions and make purchases in virtual reality. You can view the exhibitions containing the concerns of the metaverse era, and look around the exhibitions of the galleries and artists that it has partnered with. Visitors can also view curated external exhibitions selected by artists and curators. Artists and galleries wishing to exhibit can apply for a virtual space through the LART website. LART helps in establishing the art world of virtual reality and attempts to go beyond the limits of the actual exhibition space.

[English translation by Achuina Pamei]